Jayant is an artist and a computer scientist. He explores contemporary and traditional themes in Indian calligraphy. He primarily works with ink, watercolour and gouache on paper in a number of languages such as Sanskrit, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi. Besides these traditional media, he also explores the making of letterforms using embroidery, engraving, embossing, cutting and folding on a number of surfaces such as wood, metal, cloth, leaves, paper mache etc. In these works the emphasis is on the letterforms which are developed with sensitivity to the medium in which he is working. To achieve this he uses a number of scripts such as Siddham, Modi, Bengali, Ranjana, Devanagari and Tamil. Another unique aspect of his work is the use of artificial intelligence to explore new forms in Indian scripts.

He actively teaches calligraphy in Indian scripts such as Siddham, Modi and Devanagari. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Sacred Art, Belgium, the Klingspor Museum as well as several private collections. His work has been featured in music albums, newspapers, magazines and books.

For custom artwork, teaching, logos, books, tattoos, poetry, whether digital or on paper, fabric, metal etc – calligraphy can make all the difference. Simply contact me with your request and I will gladly discuss the possibilities with you. Email me at jayantsilva@gmail.com