Krishna Kesava Album Art

This work is the album art for the song Krishna Kesava by Willow Smith and Jahnavi Harrison.

The writing communicates a profound spiritual text within a contemporary context. The soulful and powerful voices of Willow Smith and Jahnavi Harrison calling out to Lord Krishna for protection during troubled times, and their depth of feeling and emotion inspired the art. The music from the song is meant to be universal – a deep yearning, prayer, cry from the heart during these difficult times, against which the name of Krishna shines brilliantly. This description inspired the colors of lapis lazuli and gold. These traditional pigments are found in Indian Miniature paintings depicting Lord Krishna, to whom the song is addressed.

The deep blue background represents the uncertainty of the present time, while simultaneously conveying a sense of depth and healing. It is against this deep, dark background that the golden words Krishna Kesava – कृष्ण केशव shine brilliantly.

I have tried to present these ancient Devanagari letters in a new context with universal appeal. I did this using my unique approach to calligraphy – where hand written letterforms and computer algorithms work with and influence each other, to produce the beautiful forms you see. As you gaze at the art, listening to the profound music, I hope that each viewer is gradually able to see the form of कृष्ण केशव and have a deep personal experience of the transcendental sound and its visual form.