Padma Bhandha

O Lord who speaks sweetly, O Lord seen by the saintly devotees, O Supreme artist, O protector, O You who appear wonderful carrying a morsel of food and so on, O Lord followed by Siva, O Lord prayed to by Brahma, O cowherd boy, please appear before me.

Rupa Goswami, Citra Kavitavani, Verse 7.

Padma Bandha (Poem in the form of a Lotus) in Devanagari Script, 2017
Chikankari Hand Embroidery on Hand Spun Khadi Cloth, 30 x 30 cm

In this work the letters have been written in a stylized form of Devanagari script by Jayant Silva and is embroidered on handspun khadi cotton fabric by Ms. Kanwaljeet Kaur Saluja. The embroidery technique used for the work is called ‘Chikankari’, a technique that originated in Persia and was later brought to India and used for the Nawabs, or rulers of Indian princely states. The stitches in white thread on fine white fabric appears as if a design of white light has been created upon a fine shadow.